Od września witamy na pokładzie Panią Doktor Martę Stabińską-Smolarz, tym samym oferta gabinetu poszerzyła się o wizyty kardiologiczne, na które można umawiać się w każdy czwartek.

Przypominamy, że nadal obowiązuje umawianie wizyt na godziny. Prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny, mailowy lub przez stronę Gabinetu na facebooku. Dane kontaktowe dostępne na dole strony w zakładce "kontakt".

About us


Welcome to DreamVet Veterinary Practice in Katowice. We offer you professional veterinary care as well as a pleasant atmosphere for the Owner, as well as for his Pet. Please kindly register at the reception desk upon arrival. Our staff will be please to help you.


  • Prophylaxis:
    ›vaccines for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and others
    › anti-parasite care (deworming, medication against fleas and ticks, dirofilariosis, feces exaination)
    › bloodwork
    › nutritional advice
    › behaviour consultancy

  • Identification chips, passports for cats and dogs

  • Diagnostics:
    › bloodwork, urine and feces examination
    › dermatological examination (scrapings, trichograms, ear cytology, skin abnormalities cytology)
    › ophthalmic strip examinations (fluoresceine, STT)
    › contagious disease diagnostics with fast, specific tests (f.ex. parvovirus, FIV,FeLV- locally) as well as through specialise veterinary labs
    › swab examinations: ear, vagina, rectum
    › microbiological culture
    › genetical examination ( HCM, PKD, MDR-1 gene defects, blood type)
    › histopatology, cytology
    › ultrasonography (usg)

  • Treatment of internal and contagious diseases

  • Soft surgery procedures: castration, sterilization, uroliths removal, urethral stitching, removal of foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal anastomoses, removal of gastrointestinal tract tumors, mammary glands, anal area, skin tumors, splenectomy

  • Oral care, dental care, difficult extractions, tooth varnishing, sealing cavities

  • Grooming treatments: baths, haircuts, therapeutic baths

  • Home visits

  • Payment by card availible


Our Team

Veterinarian Magdalena Pawlik-Koniuszy
Specialist in dog and cat diseases

Co-owner of the practice. In 2010 she graduated from a 5.5-year course at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. In 2017, she completed 3-year post-graduate studies in "Dog and Cat Diseases" at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), which ended with a positive passing of the state exam in Lublin and obtaining the title of "specialist in dog and cat diseases". She participated in many conferences and courses. The most important of them include:
Ultrasound workshops (November 2013) in Siemianowice Śląskie,
Ultrasound workshops in Wrocław (March 2014) conducted by dr Wojciech Atamaniuk
Ultrasound workshops in Myślenice (May 2015) conducted by dr Jacek Ingarden. Workshops "Non-healing corneal ulcer" in Łódź (May 2015) conducted by Prof. Ireneusz Balicki
Cardiology training (September 2014), (October 2012)
Grooming course in Łódź (January 2017) led by Ewa Grabowska.
In 2019, she completed a 3-stage clinical dermatology course in cats and dogs and an ultrasound course conducted by
J. Lorenc and W. Kinda.
From 2012 to 2019, she ran a practice at Ligonia Street in Katowice.

Privately, the guardian of the unruly cat Koko and a huge lover of family trips.


Veterinarian Zofia Przyłucka-Spałek

Co-owner of the practice. In 2016, she completed 5.5 year of course at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław and received the title of veterinarian, authorizing her to practice. During her studies, for 4 years she received the rector's scholarship for good academic performance. In 2017, she additionally completed the year-long post-graduate study "Behaviorism in companion animals". She completed numerous courses:
Step-by-step inhalation anesthesia - practical workshop (March 2017)
Practical ultrasound course for dogs and cats (September 2017 and November 2017)
Emergencies in ophthalmology (February 2018)
Effective diagnostic models and therapy of aggressive and reactive behavior in dogs (May 2018)
2nd degree of the small animal dentistry education program (May 2018)
3rd degree of the small animal dentistry education program (September 2019)
European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies, Soft Tissue Surgery I (July 2019)
The Doctor is most interested in behaviorism, surgery, ultrasound diagnostics and dentistry of accompanying animals.
Privately, guardian of dog Ofka, and an enthusiast of travel and good music.


Veterinary technician Katarzyna Śliwa

She obtained the title of veterinary technician in 2019. In 2017 she participated in the course "Emergencies in veterinary practice of dogs and cats". Kasia assists in surgical procedures and serves you at our reception.

Privately, the guardian of a cat, Lusia.


Veterinary technician Natalia Gaweł

She obtained the title of veterinary technician in 2018. Natalia, apart from practicing with small animals, also deals with horse care and hippotherapy.

Privately the guardian of a guinea pig, a dog and a cat.


We educate ourselves for you


Picture Gallery

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Final goodbye


Our practice cooperates with the Esthima animal cremation center. If you have any questions, please visit the practice


Contact details


Gabinet Weterynaryjny „DreamVet”


Magdalena Pawlik-Koniuszy


Zofia Przyłucka-Spałek


ul. Powstańców 8/3


40-040 Katowice

Phone: +32 203 34 60



- dreamteamwet@gmail.com

- gabinet-ligonia@wp.pl